Underground Mapping

The DuctRunnerTM technology is a patented gyroscope-based inertial measurement system designed for autonomous recording of positional data providing an accurate picture of a pipes 3D location. The system is designed to operate between two waypoints (A - B), gathering data based on XYZ co-ordinates (Eastings, Northings and Depth).

TrackViewer XYZ+ Camera System

The TrackViewer has been specifically developed for sewers, working in conjunction with our CCTV Main Line Units.


A Water Utilities company has had a request for a 'Build-Over'. Existing mapping shows that a sewer runs in the vicinity of the proposed biulding extension between Manholes TQ1234567 & TQ1234568 a distance of approximately 100metres. A CCTV condition survey is carried out on the length of sewer, the first of two forming a 'before & after' comparison. The XYZ co-ordinates of the Manholes are recorded and the TrackViewer is switched to logging mode, inserted into MH-4567 and retreived from MH-4568. The captured data is uploaded to bespoke analytical software enabling the results to be viewed in 2D and 3D. The output data can be saved in various forms to allow instant upload into a range of standard analytical software and GIS platforms such as AutoCad, Microstations, Arcview and Excel.




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